Sage Rat Run


Sage Rat Run –  May 21st and 22nd, 2016 

2016 Event Registration is open. We have set up a new registration system which will allow you, the runner, to save a little money by selecting an optional tech shirt and other items. We hope to have the biggest season yet. Thanks for your support.

We also have the largest finishing medal in the Northwest. You can also earn the most finishing medals in one weekend with Sage Rat Run.

In 2015, we had over 900 participants, our largest event so far.  

Located in the wine country of Sunnyside, Grandview, Prosser, Washington. Sage Rat Run is designed to bring communities and people together for a happy, healthy, fun run event while raising money for charity and other causes.

For 2016, here is quick list of what we are offering to entice you to join us.



The biggest Half Marathon finishing medal in Washington State? The Northwest? The USA? A massive 6 inch Alien themed Sage Rat medal for the 2016 Half Marathon and 12k. Is there a bigger Half Marathon finishing medal around? We have no idea. Not only is it big, we are claiming that it is the coolest finishing medal with an alien and a rat that you will receive in 2016. 

2016 Sage Rat Run Half Marathon & 12k

6″ Finishers Medal

What better combination than Aliens and Sage Rats!

 2016 Sage Rat Run Half Marathon and 12k Medal



2016 Medal Lineup


You can earn a total of four Finishing Medals (actually 5 medals, if you’re motivated) during our Sage Rat Run event. Here is how you can earn the most medals. Sign up for one run on Saturday and one run on Sunday. Earn your first medal by run/walking either the Half Marathon, 12k or the 5k on Saturday. Earn your second medal by running/walking, the Dirty Rat Trail Run – 10k, 15k or 25k on Sunday. Third medal: Earn your Rat Deux medal after completing two runs in two days. Fourth medal: Sign up for our Sage Rat Virtual Run, Alien Ack Attack, an anywhere, anytime, any distance run. Fifth medal: Sign up for either the Half Marathon or 12k, as well as the 5k, then finish the Half or 12k run- then run the Sage Rat River Run 5k ( if you are tough enough ) and get a finishing medal for that run as well. That would get you 5 different uniquely designed medals for one weekend. If you have not noticed we like medals, and yes, we have 5k and Little Rat medals.


At the finish line every participant is provided great music, real food at the finish, snacks and all the support you need along the courses. We also never charge for our event photos.

Sage Rat Run


We have fun run timing through Ultra Signup


We have worked hard to raise money for groups that need it. So far, with your help, Sage Rat Run has donated over $15,000.00 to various charities and other causes.


You have the option of purchasing a cool-looking, newly designed 2016 Tech Shirt for an additional $12.00. Women actually get a Tech shirt in ladies sizes and a nice color for women. For Men, the color will be tactical black, as opposed to a girly color my wife would choose. We also have youth sizes.


Sage Rat Run is fun. We support all runners and all walkers for any distance and at any speed. We even have no cut-off times. We are looking for happy finishers at Sage Rat Run. Read our reviews. Are there more reasons to run the Sage Rat Run – of course – read on – but really – what more do you want? A flat course? The course is pretty flat, like a pancake with blueberries. It also has a few miles of gradual down hill slope to the finish. A lot of people PR at Sage Rat Run. Try our 12k. If you have never tried a 12k you are guaranteed a PR. We have so many PR’s we had to get a PR Bell. Give it a ring.


Besides Disneyland and Disney World, Sage Rat Run is the only location that you can have your picture taken with a large rodent. Dusty, our Sage Rat Mascot will be available for character greetings and photos. Free Hugs.


The look on the faces of your friends and family when you show them the medals you earned and tell them the mileage you ran in one weekend.

Please join us May 21-22, 2016 for Sage Rat Run

Sponsored by

Sunnyside Community Hospital