Sage Rat Run

Sage Rat Run

May 20, 2017


Attention 2017 Sage Rats!!

Get your running shoes ready, because this year’s new and improved Sage Rat Run (Scramble!?) is underway!


Runners and walkers, families and friends, come on Saturday May 20th for fitness, food and FUN!

We have a challenge for you…


As you know, Sage Rats enjoy scrambling here, there and everywhere! Especially when they are on the run from DINOSAURS!! Now, you can join them in running as many 5K loops as your heart desires- and you get a medal to prove it!


Choose your medal size during registration,

3″ or giant 6″ medal

Sage Rat Run 2017 Medals

1230 Bennett Avenue

Prosser, WA 99350

Saturday, May 20, 2017

We have several different options for start times based on what distance and pace you`d like to run, and what time suits your schedule:

8:00AM- Half Marathon Start

9:00AM- 12K, 10K Start

10:00AM- 5K Start

11:00AM- Kid’s Mile Start

12:00- Course Support Closes (Course still open to runners, but no aid stations) T

These are suggested start times, according to pace and distance. Runners may choose any option (except the 11:00AM Kid’s Mile)

Make a goal and then do it!! 5K, 10K, 12K, 13.1, 26.2
1 loop= 3.1 miles

2 loops= 6.2 miles (10K)

4.25 loops= 13.1 (half marathon)


2017 Sage Rat Run 5k Loop Route

Please Note this will be a SELF TIMED course…
We will have a race clock, but no chip timing
Please also note you will have an AWESOME race!


Make sure to add your optional

2017 Tech Shirt during registration, available in various colors!

Sage Rat Run Shirt Color Options 2017


Why (deep breath):
I want to be healthy 
I want to spend quality time with family and friends
I want to make new friends
I want to make goals, meet them and exceed them 
I want to be a rockstar 
I’d like a free doughnut 
I need to get my steps in
I want to avoid spring cleaning
I really want to get outside and breathe the fresh air of Prosser
I like a challenge 
I want to clear my head
I like to be fit and active
I want an awesome t-shirt or tank top
I want a super sweet giant dinosaur medal
I want to support charities and good causes 
I want to listen to my sweet jams uninterrupted
I want to be part of the community
I want to make a goal and be rewarded with a super snazzy medal 
Delicious food from Garcia’s, doughnuts, coffee 
I love dinosaurs
I want to walk casually and chat with my friends 
I want to set a PR
I want to conquer my fears and myself
I just want to run my heart out
I want to justify the ice cream I’m going to eat
I want to feel good about myself
…the list goes on and on!



Located in the wine country of Sunnyside, Grandview, Prosser, Washington. Sage Rat Run is designed to bring communities and people together for a happy, healthy, fun run event while raising money for charity and other causes.

This was the 2016 Sage Rat Run Half Marathon & 12k

6″ Finishers Medal

What better combination than Aliens and Sage Rats!

 2016 Sage Rat Run Half Marathon and 12k Medal



2016 Medal Lineup

Sage Rat Run

Click below to watch

Sage Rat Run Movie

 Sage Rat Run

Please join us May 20, 2017 for Sage Rat Run

Sponsored by

Sunnyside Community Hospital