Sage Rat Run

May 20, 2017

Mike and Terri Sage Rat Run Directors

For those of you who haven’t yet heard, Sage Rat Run Director, Mike Akins, suffered a massive brain bleed and stroke on November 14th. He was airlifted to Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. He was then transported to a rehabilitation center near our home until the end of December. He is now home receiving rehab and care with Home Health coming multiple times a week. We are thrilled to have Mike home. The priority in our hearts is to care for Mike and provide the best recovery possible for him.

 Due to these unforeseen circumstances, the 2017 Sage Rat Run event WILL be moving forward but in a simplified form to accommodate the family tragedy the directors are facing. We know how important you, our runners and supporters, are to Mike and we want continue with the Sage Rat Run in his honor. We do not know what or where Mike’s progress will be, we are confident that our team can provide a successful, simplified event with your help, support and patience.

 The Sage Rat Run, partnering with Sunnyside Community Hospital, and our many other sponsors and volunteers, is about you, our runners. We are deeply grateful for the many years in which you have joined us in putting on a fun and successful event. We have cheered you on in making, meeting and exceeding your goals, and consider you our big community family.

We will keep you updated on our decisions as to what the 2017 event will entail. We hope and pray for your understanding, patience and kindness in our decisions.

We ask for your support and prayers for Mike and the Sage Rat Run event and team!

Thank you for your understanding!

2017 Event Registration should be open soon,

if we can wake the Sage Rats out their hibernation.

Located in the wine country of Sunnyside, Grandview, Prosser, Washington. Sage Rat Run is designed to bring communities and people together for a happy, healthy, fun run event while raising money for charity and other causes.

This was the 2016 Sage Rat Run Half Marathon & 12k

6″ Finishers Medal

What better combination than Aliens and Sage Rats!

 2016 Sage Rat Run Half Marathon and 12k Medal



2016 Medal Lineup

Sage Rat Run

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 Sage Rat Run

Please join us May 20, 2017 for Sage Rat Run

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Sunnyside Community Hospital