Sage Rat Run offers you a Half Marathon on Saturday, May 20, 2017. That’s 13.1 miles – because 13.2 would be crazy. 

The Half Marathon Run, Walk or Crawl will start on Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 8:00 am. The starting location will be on the pathway on the north side of Walmart, 2675 E Lincoln Ave, Sunnyside, Washington, and finishes at Prosser Chamber of Commerce on the corner of Bennett Avenue and 6th Street, Prosser, Washington, 13.1 miles on this mostly flat, fast course. Sage Rat Run uses multiple GPS units for accuracy.

We are inviting you to dress in your best “ugly bug” costume as you run through sage rat country. Dressing in bug costumes is what sage rats do for fun during their long hibernations. At the finish line, please join us for “The Ugly Bug Ball”. You, the runner, can compete with other “ugly bugs” for random costume prizes presented during a random dancing ball and through out the event.

2016 Sage Rat Run Half Marathon 

6″ Finishers Medal 

2016 Sage Rat Run Half Marathon and 12k Medal

For those who finish the Half Marathon, you will receive this 6″ large, cool, awesome designed medal. You also receive Ultra Sign-up timing,  Garcia’s Tex Mex meal, Starbucks Iced Coffee, a Krispy Kreme Doughnut and other real food at the finish, music, cheerleaders, free race photos, course support, random prizes and bragging rights with a donation to charity. You will also receive a New Custom Designed 2017 Tech Shirt in Ladies, Mens or Youth Size. Whew!

If you are running on both Saturday and Sunday, you can also purchase the bonus Rat Deux medal, to commemorate your efforts. That’s three fat medals for the weekend, wear a brace because the weight will most likely snap your neck.

Runners and walkers will begin on the Lower Yakima Valley Pathway, near the North East corner of the Walmart parking lot, Sunnyside, Washington. The pathway is wheel chair accessible, multi purpose trail with an asphalt surface. Runners will stay on the path running in a South East direction. The path is narrow and mostly flat with minor grades. The pathway runs between Wine Country Road and Interstate I-82. The course will cross intersecting roads. Use caution. Some crossings with low traffic will not have Crossing Guards. Runners will cross to the north side of the road at Euclid and Wine Country Road in Grandview. Runners will continue on sidewalk/bike path through Grandview staying on the north side of Wine Country Road. The pathway crosses Wine Country Road near the intersection of Johnson Road in Benton County. Runners will continue on the pathway following signs and directions and cross the Yakima River on the bridge. Runners continue south after the bridge onto 6th Street until reaching the Prosser Chamber of Commerce on Bennett Avenue. The pathway is paved with asphalt material and visible from Yakima Valley Highway / Wine Country Road for most of the route. Runners should keep this in mind to avoid any confusion or wrong turns during the run.

Packet Pickup and Late Registration Options

Online Registration closes on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 3 pm.

On Thursday, May 18, 2017, 10:30 am to 6 pm, there will be a packet pickup and late registration at Runners Soul, 5020 West Clearwater, Kennewick, Washington. Runners Soul Phone: 509 783 7463

On Friday, May 19, 2017, 10:30 am to 6 pm, there will be a packet pickup and late registration at the Prosser Chamber of Commerce, 1230 Bennett Avenue, Prosser, Washington.

Packet pickup will also be available on Saturday, May 20, 2017, before the run from 6 am to 7:30 am.

Online Registration closes on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 3 pm.

Day of Run Registration available, however, it has limitations.

We will have walk-up registration but you will not be eligible for awards. Why? For awards, our timing company needs your age category into their system before the day of the run. Which means no age and no awards for walk-up registration. We will do our best to have your time available sometime after your event, but YOU are responsible to confirm your time. And be sure to have fun!! That’s the point! Do the best you can- and so will we! We will make every effort to ensure you have a Finishing Medal, but cannot guarantee it. We hope you will take the time to register now. The rats thank you.

Event Day

On event day, May 20, arrive early and be prepared for the following:

6:00 am – 7:40 am Last chance packet pickup at Walmart

7:40 am – Mandatory pre-run meeting

8:00 am – Half Marathon Start

12:30 pm – Most course support closes, but take your time, we will be there all day with a small crew, to ensure you get a finisher medal and complete your goal. We also will have a roving aid station to help you finish.

Registration Information

Online Registration closes on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 3 pm.

Day of Run Registration available, however it has limitations. See above.

Award Categories

Awards for Overall First, Second and Third. Awards for top Male and Female First, Second and Third. Age Bracket Awards are presented 3 deep for both Male and Female in 10-year incremental age divisions. Times for awards are based on our TIMING, which is Ultra Sign-up time. That means that if you are the first one physically over the finish line you may not be the first place winner. Someone may have a faster run time, starting at the back of the pack with an elapsed time from start to finish. Also – if you win First, Second or Third Overall or First, Second or Third for top Male or Female you will be still be eligible for your age bracket win. This was decided after much debate about the fairness to the runners. The first place winner is not an issue, its the second and third place winners that make it the way it has to be. Here is the running scenario; at the finish line Kal, a male, wins First Overall, Kaytee, a female, wins Second Overall and Terri, a female, wins Third Overall. Kal then wins awards in First Place Male and in his Age Category. Kaytee then also wins First Place Female and First in her Age Catagory. Terri and Kaytee are different ages. So Terri has winnings which include, Third Place Overall, Second Place Female and First Place in her Age Category. Kaytee wins Second Place Overall, First Place Female and First Place in her Age Category. I hope this helps to avoid any confusion or frustration at the finish line. Remember we are here to have fun and raise money for charity.

Ultra Sign-up Timing

The timing is via a computer system via Ultrasignup with no chip. Your time will be available soon, if not instantly, after crossing the finish line via Ultrasignup.  We will attempt to ensure that your time is as accurate  as possible. Please keep in mind this is a fun run that does cross roads. We will have people to assist you crossing most intersections if you are looking for a PR, but please keep in mind we want you to have fun and stay safe. Will there be problems? – let’s hope not, just remember to have fun.

Race Rules, Safety & Courtesy

There is no pace requirement or time cut off for this event. If you cannot keep the requested pace on course and finish in 4 hours and 30 minutes, you may not be guaranteed course supervision by law enforcement and volunteers. If you cannot make the time limit, no worries, caring people will be waiting for you at the finish line even after the course closes. We want you to get that finishing medal!

Please line up at the start according to your pace. Elite runners at the front. Line up by mile pace with 6 to 7 minute milers after the Elites, followed by 7 to 8 minute milers on back. The 14 to 15 minute or more milers should be in the back.

Please stay on the right side of the pathway whenever possible and stay inside of the cones where indicated. Those of you running together please limit your wolf pack to no more than two abreast. It is a narrow pathway and we need room for others to pass.

No roller blades, skateboards, animals, baby strollers designed for runners or bicycles on course without permission and instructions. Those with permission must begin at the back of the starting line and not interfere with the runners.

Sage Rat Run reserves the right to pull and/or disqualify any runner or walker when their health appears to be in serious jeopardy if they continue in the event.


At the start of the course you can use the Walmart store. At the end of the course there will be porta potties and you may use the Prosser Chamber of Commerce. There are 6 portable and 2 permanent bathrooms along the route. A total of 8 bathrooms over 13 miles.


Showers are available free of charge compliments of Prosser Family Fitness located at 1419 Sheridan, Prosser. To get there from the finish line, go one block north and two blocks east. Please bring your own towels and toiletries.


Free shuttle transportation will be provided from Prosser back to the Sunnyside Walmart approximately every half hour.

Water and Food

Aid stations will be positioned at six locations along your route and at the finish. They will be approximately 2 miles apart and at the finish.

The Train Crossing Medal

The pathway crosses the train tracks at one location, in Prosser, about 50 yards from the finish. In the history of Sage Rat Run, we had one train cross the track at around 10:30 am during our event. We have had no luck persuding the train people to delay the trains during our events. The train people have agreed to slow the speed of the train to 25 mph vs its regular speed of 35 mph through town. Is a train going to show up? No idea, the train people can’t tell us. If you are one of the lucky ones delayed by the train, you will have earned a limited edition train finishing medal in addition to your event medal. Please obey law enforcement officers and volunteers at all times while the train crosses! They are positioned on the course for your safety. There are no awards or finishing medals if you are hit by the train.

Use Caution at Intersections

The pathway crosses several roadways. We will have crossing guards to assist you with traffic you may encounter at the busiest intersections. Please yield to traffic and assume they do not see you. Please obey law enforcement officers and volunteers at all times! They are positioned on the course for your safety. This is a fun run, not a race, have fun and be sure to stop for traffic.

Music and Headphones

Portable music with headphones are welcome. Please keep at low volume so you can hear approaching traffic and verbal instructions from law enforcement and volunteers. Please obey law enforcement officers and volunteers at all times! They are positioned on the course for your safety.


The Best Western Plus in Prosser and Sunnyside will be offering a special discounted room rate for Sage Rat Run participants. See lodging page and make sure you mention Sage Rat Run.

“The miracle isn’t that I finished; it’s that I had the courage to start.”

John Bingham, The Penquin

Abraham Lincoln