Shirley wrote: Thanks for adding my info. I just wanted to say that I loved the Sage Rat Run! The registration was easy and all my questions were answered promptly. The course was great and the support of the military and police was phenomenal. The hotel was very accommodating with a late check-out and reduced rate. And let’s not forget the shirt and MEDAL!!! This was my son’s first race and now he is hooked. 😊

Pam wrote: Another great year!!! Thank you for all your work. It’s my favorite race and this was my 27th half marathon. Because I am a back-of-the-packers (okay, WAY back) The Sage Rat Run has the best cheerleaders still at the finish line EVER. Always makes me finish with all flourish I have left. Thank you so much for that. And, NOTHING beats The Little Rat Run. My four grandchildren (6, 5, 4, 3) are still sleeping with their medals. No other race awards little ones with a real medal. Next year we hope to have all six of our grandchildren participate. Again, thank you for my favorite race of all. I’m thinking about doing The Rat Deux next year. I might have to wear a headlamp so I can see the finish line as I heard the uphill is “to die for”!


Lori wrote: Amazing race as usual – volunteers did a great job and loved all the freebie’s at the end! Job well done. See you next year!

Yay! Two medals, conquered the hill and got our picture with the rat!!! Life is fabulous! Karen

Way more fun running down the mountain!! Love the Sage Rat Run and their awesome director and volunteers!! Janet

One of the BEST races around! Our 2nd yr coming over from Spokane. Laura

This guy’s got two thumbs and loves Sage Rat Run Weekend!!! Christopher

Sage Rat Run half marathon 2015 finish. I got a police escort for the last 300 meters. Then we danced, got Starbucks iced coffee and had a Mexican meal. It was hot, and not speedy but fun! Janet

Garcia’s tacos, Starbucks sweet iced coffee, DJ playing the cuts, Civil Air Patrol at the last aid station with a Cadet chasing me down to let me know I was going the wrong way. Sage Rat Run is definitely a fave. Laura

Just finished my morning/afternoon of volunteering at Sage Rat Run. I had a lot of fun and had AWESOME volunteers helping! Feeling very thankful for each and every one of them! We had beautiful weather and a great bunch of runners. All went smoothly this race day. We had an amazing police presence to keep everything and everyone safe! Thanks everyone for all your work, you really made this a great event!!! Kaytee


Paul wrote: “Sage Run Results. The Logan clan after eating 14 GU’s, drinking gallons of water, and running a combined 78 miles are finished. We ended with 5 finisher medals, 2 dirty rat medals, and 3 place awards (two of which belonged to PJ) and two distance PR’S. Add to that the great races turned in by the other team S.H.I.T members lean Whitney, Jake Church and Curt Ruggles and it was a great weekend. Thanks to the sage rat directors and all the great volunteers because without you all these would have been just more lonely training runs. See ya next year!”

“Thanks so much for such a great time this weekend! We came up from Olympia and one of us flew in from IL this weekend to run! It was fantastic. We had our running group do the virtual run last weekend as well! Rebecca

Jenny wrote: “I totally ran the 15k! Didn’t realize I signed up for the 10k! Oh well it was a good race!Sage Rat Run is an awesome weekend!!!”

“It is a fantastic event with fantastic people in charge and some pretty doggone fantastic people volunteering as well. I know Kal Fuller, Gabe, Mike and Teri Akins wouldn’t have dreamed in 5 short years it would grow into such a huge event, requiring such a large group of people. Kudos to you ALL!” – Mike

Janet wrote: “Sage Sage Rat Run, 2014. Thankful for a cloud-filled sky, awesome police officers directing traffic, and a warm blueberry donut at the finish. I ran this race ” naked” (garmin battery dead ) and had no idea of pace, time and sometimes distance. Yikes! I got over it and just ran. Fun Day!!! Nice to seeHolly Austin-Boyce and Laura Hanses out there. Good luck tomorrow with that trail.”

I enjoyed the race. Thank you for putting it on. The medal was pretty crazy. It certainly was a good excuse to visit. -John

Kaytee wrote: “I’m enjoying a chance to sit down after a long morning/afternoon of volunteering for theSage Rat Run. It was a great event and I had a lot of fun working as parking lot control. I had a small wonderful group of people working with me, who helped make everything go smoothly and made it more fun to do the job! I was able to spend most of my afternoon working with a very nice officer who was helping me control the entrance. I heard a lot of people talk about how much they loved the event! I want to send a thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this event possible and fun!”

Katherine wrote: “It was a really fun race. I love the giant medal. And the bright race shirts are great too. Natalie Robbins Copeland you rock! We love our Cannon Boy!”

“Had so much fun!! Thank you for putting on such a great event!!” – Maggie


Hey –

I wanted to thank you all for putting on such a fun event last Saturday.  This was my first Sage Rat Run and my family and I really enjoyed it.  You guys did a really nice job making this a quality event.  A buddy of mine and I keep a cheesy running blog to try to keep us motivated.  I recently put together a post that tried to give you some props.
Nice job again on the event and I am already looking forward to next year.  –SMM

I just wanted to say thank you and congratulations on another very successful Sage Rat Run event weekend.   I really enjoyed the 15K on Sunday morning, thank you.  My legs are still a little sore thanks to that nice Prosser hill. I hope you guys are all getting some well-deserved rest from this past busy weekend.  Again, thanks again and awesome job.  Your event has become a pillar event in our community. Miguel

I just want to thank you for such a great, well organized and welcoming run. I can’t yet run an entire race of any length, but felt very welcomed by your staff and the other runners.  I felt that this showed an openness that I often don’t see. Really, if we pledge to want people to get healthy, then we must welcome them at their level. The culture you have created is amazing. I will recommend this race to all of my friends and family at all levels of fitness. Thank you for your great work and event! Brooke

Congratulations on a WONDERFUL race!!!  It’s always so organized, family-friendly, and without a doubt THE BEST medals ever!!!! Will be back again next year! Pam

“Thank you for the awesome event. This was my first 12k ever. 6 years in a wheels chair. 6 years from wheel chair to running. Mantra 0 – 13.1 by 2014 (sub 8 years). The Organizers were awesome, friendly and patient. Food, while not the healthiest sure tasted good; especially the Bill’s Berry’s donuts. Biggest surprise was when another runner said I should check the kiosk. I never expected to win a place medal for anything and there I was 3rd for age. I’ll be back next year.” Linda

Thanks for the Quick reply…I am very impressed!!! I would like the dye sublimation (swirly blue one)….does it fit like the green one?  If so, Ladies XL please…:-) You and your team worked really hard this weekend….I am sure you are ready for some much needed relaxation…till next year right? The finish line was GREAT as was the delayed start on the 12K….I was at the tail end of the half marathon when all of a sudden, these faster runners came out of no where and they smelled good!  hahahaha Then a couple of us who had been running since 8am figured out they must be the 12k’ers….I liked the delayed start…made coming in not so bad when mixed with the other folks…granted we had been running since 8am from SS. You did a fantastic job with this race..in just a few years, it has grown…THANK YOU for your time and dedication!! The medal is beautiful, colorful and big!! There were lots of officers patrolling the road as well as volunteers..everyone seemed really happy too!!! The ONLY comment I would like to make for “growth”…the website is very busy and confusing… :-\  (Director: we have a new website and hope people like it) There are LOTS of things there… I had NO idea about the other available shirts…a runner from Cali told me since she “upgraded”…I did not realize that was an option… Again, THANK YOU for your quick response and willingness to help out. Sincerely, Leah

This is a great idea (Director’s Run)! I ran your half marathon for the first time and I thought it was very organized, race was well marked, shuttles were easy to get, and loved the after party! I’m definitely running next year and brining more friends with me plus my husband and kids! Thanks again! Carrie
What a great run! I was happy to be a part of both weekends! Excited for next year! Glad I attempted to conquer that hill at night instead of during the day! Christina
“Great job today Sage Rat crew! Day one rocked, can’t wait for day two.” Paul
“Those medals are great! Good job!” Rosa
This is so cool! Wanted to do the 15k Dirty Rat, but had other obligation. I will do the 15k Dirty! Thanks for doing this, so excited! I little nervous to do this alone in the dark…snakes! See you Friday Rhonda
The participates thank you for putting on such outstanding events over the weekend! Brent

Wow….Again, another great run!  Thanks for all your hard work.  By the way….this year’s medals ROCKED!!!!!!  Friends (who traveled to the RnR Portland) are envious.  Sage Rat is the place to be! See you next year! Rick and Gail

“Fun event & great weekend of running” thank you very much. Home run on the shirt design & hardware. The kids 1 mile run was my highlight 🙂 Jose

To all that work so hard to put these races together on Saturday and Sunday AWESOME JOB!  I competed in the Half Marathon on Saturday and the 50k on Sunday. The weather gods were with a us both days.  Keep up the great work I would not hesitate to recommend this race weekend to any and all of my race friend to place on their calendar for next year. Enjoy the rest of the year! Brent

Please consider me registering for the (Directors Run) 12K. Since I earned the half marathon medal last Saturday and the 15K medal and Rat Deux medal on Sunday!! GREAT RACE, by the way! Incredibly well organized and the medals are TO DIE FOR! I wore mine to work on Monday. They sounded like cow bells (from what I was told!) Vicki

I just want to say what a great job you guys do. It had been a while since I had done a race (done many many races just not for a while) and the little rat was my daughters first race. We both had a blast. I wish more races had an option for kids. It was very well run. I like the signage along the course. I have nothing negative to say about it. Keep up the good work. Nick

My daughter Erica will be unable to attend Friday’s run but wanted me to express how much fun last weekends run was and how she is looking forward to next year!
Thanks, Eric

Thanks for all you do.  I found the Sage Rat Run to be a fantastic event, and this Directors Run is a fun plus for it. Paul

Thank you for hosting such a great event. We had a great group of family and friends that were able to attend this year. We are looking forward to next years event. Jeremy

“Great weekend. Friends, running, food, drinks. And now that the summer is upon us more more more!” Paul

“Thanks for a great weekend of racing! Thanks to the organizer and volunteers that could make this event possible!!” Jani

“Another great weekend Sage Rat Run, it was made better by spending it with great friends. Curt

I had a wonderful time at the race today and am very glad that my family and I made the trip over for it. We talked on the way home about how it needs to be an annual event. I was part of a little mix-up at the finish area, and now that I’ve had a chance to look at the results online, I think I know what happened.  I ran what was my best ever 5K today (hooray!) and was pretty sure that I had at least placed in my age group.  When I checked at the table, I wasn’t listed for my age group, so the person helping me looked up my results and saw that I should be 3rd in my division.  When we went back to the table to dig through the rats for my age group, the 3rd place rat was not there.  He shrugged and handed me a 3rd place rat from the 20-24 age group, and we joked that perhaps I should be flattered since I’m almost twice that old. What he failed to notice when he looked up my results was that I finished third overall, not in the age group.  This has never happened to me before (I usually don’t even place in my age group), so I didn’t even think of it when we didn’t find the right rat. Anyway, long story short is that I have someone else’s rat, and I feel a bit guilty about it.  Is it possible for me to mail it back to you so that you can forward it on to its rightful owner? Thanks! Kate (Director’s Note: We resolved all the issues and mix up 🙂 )

“Hot race today….loved the cheerleaders at the finish line!! Great pizza and Blueberry Donut.” Janice

Thank you so much for hosting another run last night. My family and I had a blast!  You guys are awesome. Definitely will be participating again next year. I am a beginner, but most definitely a fan! Both events were kid friendly and a great way for families in our area to spend time together in a healthy, positive way. Will help spread the word on this great event.
Thank you. Jackie

Thank you for choosing my photograph which my husband took of our family during the race.  I’ve uploaded the picture to the attached link.  We all had a fantastic time, this was one of the best days–for so many reasons! Take care, Jennifer

Both Anastasia and I wanted to thank you and congratulate you for putting on such a fun, well run event. So, thank you – and congrats!!! We had a fantastic time and we will absolutely be joining you again next year. And thanks for the discount rate at the Best Western in Prosser. Hope you get that again next year too. We will spread the word west of the mountains and hopefully recruit some people for next year. Looking forward to receiving my awesome Dye Sublimation shirt! And your medals are fantastic! My big 5 inch half marathon medal (and race bib) is already hanging here next to me in my office at work. Regards, Cary


I want to thank you so much for a beautiful run!  The organization was amazing.  I was running by myself and felt so safe along the course as there were volunteers all along the way—everyone with a smile, a cup of water, and encouragement to keep going.  Hearing my name called as I came across the finish line makes a person feel like they’ve really accomplished something.  Loved the medals!  …and what can one say about the hot donuts!! I’ll be back next year.


Thank you very much Gabriel, thats awesome! I also wanted to let you know that the run you put on is the best I have ran in the State. Keep up the Great work!


Great run!  Very well organized and supported.  Super community support! All the volunteers were so nice! This was my 10th half marathon, the first time doing Sage Rat and it is definitely on my race calendar for next year!

It was my daughters first half marathon, she’s 18, and she is hooked! Thank you for all your hard work making this a great experience.


“Thanks for a well organized fun half. I ran my first SR last year and hope to come up from Sausalito, California to run every future Sage Rat. Loved the shirts and HUGE “artisan rat designed” medals!”


Thanks for a great race.  Hope to do it again next year.


Thank you for putting on such a well organized and FUN run!  I’ll be back next year!


Thank you for the Fun time!


Thanks again for putting on a terrific event and being so accommodating!  Betty (a K9) absolutely loves to run and we both had a great time. No worries about Betty’s finishing metal; it is very sweet of you to remember her and have the metal mailed. We are already looking forward to next year. Thanks again.

Darla  (and Betty)

“Had a great time at your race! Thanks for all the hard work!”


What an awesome event! This event is extremely well organized and the Akins family is to be commended for a job well done! What a productive and beautiful day!


Great event!  It worked out really well to drop my sister off at the half-marathon start and be able to cheer for her for a few miles before I ran the 12k race.  I appreciated all the traffic support to keep us safe.  See you next year!


Once again, you guys hit it out of the park. Had such a great time running the half, I added the 5k to the day. Even your attack skunk hiding along the way added to the fun, well OK, that just kinda freaked me out. Thanks again, can’t wait till next year.


Great race today, had a blast!! Woohoo, good job everyone who was at Sage Rat Run today!!


This is my first half marathon! What a blast, and I am so blessed to share the experience with dear friends, and the support of a family that loves me so much! Thanks guys!


The Sage Rat Run, Relay for Life and David Hernandez Memorial Softball Tournament will all take place on this beautiful day. You know what’s even more beautiful? It’s our communities working side by side for resounding and heartfelt causes while MAKING A DIFFERENCE! Isn’t it a blessing that people still care? Who’s pumped?



Hey Gabriel,

I just wanted to send you a note and THANK YOU for an Awesome race!!!

I’m originally from Sunnyside and still have family living there.  I recently got my sister involved in running.  I’m so proud of her; she’s now completed two 1/2 marathons and Bloomsday!!!  There’s a handful of us that graduated from Sunnyside, who get together at different races; it keeps us connected!  When we found out there was going to be a run in our home town, we jumped on the opportunity.

I can’t believe this was the second year for this race~ You guys did an amazing job putting this all together and you should be very proud of your accomplishment!!!  This was one of the most organized, FUN, community oriented runs I have ever experienced.  We had the best time!!  Please extend out gratitude to all the volunteers!!  We all know without them, this wouldn’t have taken place….

I hope you continue to put this on…. I know we will be back next year and we will recruit more runners to participate! Congratulations to you!!

All the best,


Maren wrote: “It was an awesome time, can’t wait for next year!”

I enjoy ran the half marathon, I went there with some friends and just luv it….We’re in Seattle and we’ll be there next year..Thanks for your hard work..and congratulations.

Thanks, Regards



We did last year’s as well and we both (my sissy and I) decreased our time by 5 minutes – WHOO HOO. Kudos’s to your volunteers at the 1st stop – I overdressed and left a jacket there, telling the gals if I saw them at the finish and got it back fine, but if not – I hope it fit one of them. The nicest gal sought me out at the finish to return it – impressive! The donuts were such a hit, purchased 2 dozen to take home – and a big thanks for the shuttle. WELL DONE. Can’t wait for next year’s event.

Thanks for all you do.


Thank you for putting on such a fun event!!  I loved all the signs with sayings along the way! Also, you did an excellent job with safety, mile markers, and aid stations. See you next year!!!



Janet wrote: “Great fun today. Thanks for such a well organized, fun, food and music filled race. Loved it!!”

Wow – what a fantastic race you guys put on!  Well organized, loved the quotes along the route and a wonderfully welcoming finish line!  I know organizing these races is a ton of work and my hats off to you for a phenomenal job!  I’ll definitely run this again next year and will encourage all of my running friends to put this on their calendars next year!


Michael wrote: “Great job on another smooth race!! Very well organized AND some cool bling and prizes!! Ah, and thanks to all the Police and Cadets helping direct traffic and keep us all safe!”

I think I need to fill out an incident report—I have the funniest looking sunburn I’ve had in a long time… 🙂

Thanks for a fun day—you did a great job!  Proud to be a part of it—lots and lots of positive comments!

Don’t envy your “clean up” job.  Hope you sleep well!


GREAT JOB yesterday! We had two participants who made a point to tell us that they participate in a lot of runs, but this one is the best organized and enjoyable of them all! GREAT JOB again!


Thank you It was awesome fun run and thank you for doing it.


Hi, just emailing to request my third place award medal in the 36 – 45 category.  I had to leave before the presentations.  This was our first sage rat run and we loved it.  See you next year.


Marta wrote: “Thanks everyone we had lots of fun!”

I’m glad that you had more runners than anticipated!  That’s a good thing!  Excellent medals by the way!  They were beautiful!


Thanks for the awesome run, it was a great event, I will do it again for sure!